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Is a lump in throat usually a cancer sign even if you are younger than 30?

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    You could have a growth, cyst inside your esophagus near the connection where your throat connects with your esophagus. A Gastroenterologist is a digestion expert who can perform a procedure called an Upper Endoscopy. A cable with light and camera and attachments can be threaded down your throat to look inside your upper esophagus and lower esophagus for abnormalities. The procedure can be done in-house and may take an hour to check-in, sedate you and prepare you for inspection of your throat and esophagus. An Ophthalmologist(Ear,Nose Throat)specialist can numb your throat and observe any problems. I am not certain how much farther down your throat an ophthalmologist will travel, so your doctor must refer you to either/or to make an appointment for you. Both specialists are in demand and an appointment can require 21-30 days. You may be asked whether you smoke and consume alcohol daily. A gifted Oxford  University scholar  who smoked constantly and drank a bottle of wine and liquor a day was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and died:  Christopher Hitchens, "God is Not Great"(How Religion Poisons Everything).


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    may be if you are a heavy smoker

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    Maybe see a doctor, could be a benign growth like a polyp or infection etc.

    Cancers can affect any age in particular if you are at risk like a smoker, its just less likely for some when younger.  

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