What is a reasonable time for a landlord to respond to an FHA disability accommodation request?

not necessarily to have the accommodation in place, but to respond/approve it.

for example, a veteran with PTSD needs a psych service dog in no pets housing

or a person who uses a wheelchair wants to modify shelving in a closet

or a resident with autism wants to add hardware to hang extra black out curtains to fully block out all light at night.


You absolutely do legally need to request and get approved for any assistance animal in no pets housing, otherwise anyone could call any animal a service animal.

If the landlord finds out a closet was modified, he may try to evict, unless you have permission.

No, they are not lawful without agreement from the landlord as a reasonable accommodation.  

Update 2:

But, if you want to play it that way. Say you need the accommodation of putting disco lights outside, you get dizzy with regular lights, but can walk straight with disco balls. Assume that is legally considered reasonable, what is the reasonable time frame for the landlord to respond?

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    Service dog - just do it, no permision required.

    Modify shelving in a closet - just do it. But be prepared to change it back when you moved IF asked.

    Hardware for blackout curtain - just do it.

    None of these require permission. They are all considered minor or lawful.

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