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Vanilla gift card refund pending?


So I ordered something online 2 weeks ago using a vanilla gift card.  I was charged, but the order was lost in the mail, and I was offered a refund.

The refund shows on the vanillagift website as pending.  It’s been like this for 5 hours now.

I wanted to know about how many hours/days/weeks it might take for the refund to process?

Or will it not process because it’s a gift card?

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    2-3 business days. (That means you don't count saturday, sunday or holidays)

    Ive never had one take longer than 3 days. You might get lucky and get it in 2 days. But I would not bet my life on it.

    I once had a refund automatically go back to a card that was empty and I tore in 4 parts. Walgreens did it automatically. I was expecting a gift card. I taped the card back together to use the refunded amount online.

    But, I have not used one in years. I used to do them often but that was 10 years ago. I bought kmart gift cards for 85-88 cents on the dollar, and they sold me $100 visas for a $5.95 fee. I did it for years until one day it stopped working.  In hindsite, it was more trouble than it was worth. LOL

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