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How and when should you bring up the "official" talk?

I've been seeing this guy since June. We've spent every Friday together since we met with days in between. We've already taken trips together, made future plans, met each others friends, and he's met my parents. I haven't met his but he's talked about it. He gives me his full attention when I'm with him and neither of us look at our phones even if we spent a whole weekend together. To be honest things have felt good just happening, but I'm starting to wonder if he's waiting for me to give him the "ok" to establish if we're BF/GF. I haven't exactly given any clues away on social media I'm with someone. My status still says single, I'll post pics of places we go together but he's never in them or tagged in them (just because I don't want to appear like I'm faking my happiness or scare him off) I'm also not good at sharing my feelings openly with someone. I'll wait for him to say, "wish you were here" or "miss you" first before I say I agree, when honestly he's everything I could ever ask for in a guy and I'm at the point where feelings have been established and I don't want to lose him but he has no idea. I've been single for years and honestly don't know how this works, but who generally brings up the "making it official" talk? Should I just continue to let things happen? Is it appropriate after the time we've spent together? Is it possible to ruin a good thing if he thinks maybe I'm not as into it as he is? What do I say?

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    June was BARELY two months ago. On fridays equals 9 days---total--with a few days inbetween. Seems really SOON to be "official" to me. Barely getting to know each other. Really glad for you that it seems to be going so well. 

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    You have been dating for only a couple of months?! And you have been taking trips during a pandemic?


    You’re not in high school. Adults should be able to talk about their relationship. Drop the concern about social media. You don’t need announce your dating or you  officially have a boyfriend. 

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