I'm 22 yrs old. My mother "never" sent me to a regular school. I didn't go to high school. How do you get the g e d in Florida fast?

I'm Jonathan, and I want to know how do you get your high school equivalency diploma in Florida. I "really" want to go to college. My mother never sent me to regular school (bummer), and I am bipolar 1, but don't think that plays a big role in the GED test. I want to the GED really bad. I come from a black family, and think my mom not trying to send me to regular school is racist. But now I'm 22 years old with some knowledge of the GED and I know a lot of grammar from grammar books. Nobody likes math, right? I know someone said it was like $34 per subject with 5 subjects. I always wanted the girlfriend and fast car in high school ( or bicycle) with all the smarts like Jimmy Neutron. Due to the caronavirus the prep classes are shut down, and that would be a big help especially since they got teachers in there halfway guiding you on what you need to work on. I know for a fact the GED hard because the math, and the fact there is so many things you have to learn to solve the questions and get them right. I turned 22 in June. Will not going to any school (especially high school) make it where I'm like 95 years old with like no degree (I could study for 73 years ha ha)? I wonder if exercise plays a role too. Is this finally the end of my life?Or can I push it? What do I do? My stepdad ordered the English kapan preper book or something like that, can that help? And my mom won't give me $32 let alone $128 for the test. I'm not a moron, I just fell behind a lot. 

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    6 months ago
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    pass the cognitive test to see if you are as smart as Trump.(really low bar) GED is several steps above that and is basic common sense.

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    6 months ago

    Plenty of people like math. Both my kids have always like math

    You can look for adult high school classes in your area. Community colleges offer GED classes.

    The Kaplan study guide book will let you know what is on the exam. 

  • 6 months ago

    contact the board of education in your area and ask if you can take the test

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