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Should my ex wife have to pay child maintenance?

My ex wife has opened a child maintenance claim from 15 years ago saying I didn't pay for my daughter I gave her money every 2 weeks since she went in to care. My daughter was taken into care due to neglect from my ex wife and her husband I paid my ex wife money for my daughter, my daughter was wondering if she was able to prove to them that she never saw the money and it went her mother she only ever got clothes for school and that was about it she upset about me having to pay child maintenance when her mother neglected to care for her was wondering if she could possibly get het mother to have to pay the money my ex wife never paid. Im happy to pay the child maintenance backdate claim but my daughter is adamant her mother should have to pay child maintenance if i should have to pay Just wondered for some advice. I know why my ex wife opened the claim she hoping to get money for her and her husband.

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    6 months ago

    I hope you paid by a court order and have proof that you paid all of this money. Get a lawyer to make sure you do not get the shaft.

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    6 months ago

    You need to get a forensic accountant to unravel every dime you paid and where that money went. School clothes can be expensive so it's possible everything's legit. But only someone with expertise in this field could give you the report you'd need to open any kind of case. 

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    6 months ago

    This is about the law, not about feelings.  WHERE matters.

    In the USA child support OUTSIDE a Support Order is a gift to the child, NOT child support.  I see non-custodial parents who, for example, pay for child care.  The custodial parent goes to Court a year or so later and claims no child support.  The Court decides there was no support order in place; therefore, the child support was a gift.

    I'd speak with an attorney.

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