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Can I structure my IRAs (or at least a portion of them) around real estate investments?

In other words, can I convert my IRA into a self-directed IRA and use the money in my retirement account to fuel my flips?

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    Technically, you can put RE in an IRA.  However, it is not recommended.

    If I remember correctly from researching this in the past for someone, you must hire a manager/custodian to run the property.  You can't do any of the work yourself and all expenses must be paid by the IRA.

    So, for multiple reasons, I don't think that flips would work in an IRA.

  • kswck2
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    2 months ago

    I think you would be out of your mind to use a retirement fund to finance such a risky business. It is supposed to keep your expenses paid during retirement-keep food in your belly, keep the lights on, take a trip around the world, etc. 

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