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What equal rights are U.S. feminists now fighting for?

What rights do men have that women don’t that U.S. feminists seek to change?

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    What is key to this question is understanding that when women use the word rights or the term equal rights, what they are talking about in reality is gaining advantages or privileges for women.

    NOW has fought very hard to prevent states from adopting an presumption of equal joint custody, wanting women to be advantaged.  Feminists groups have fought for and won laws advantaging females in education, in job hiring, in business ownership, in issues of domestic violence, in healthcare and more.

    Feminism and other SJW movements have become very adept and using language that misrepresents their true intention or the true nature of a situation. Saying rights when they actually want advantages, saying social justice, when in fact what they seek isn't just, terms like toxic masculinity, the patriarchy, etc.   Don't fall for it.

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    things like the stereotypes of women being 'weaker' than men are still brought up, cat calling being normal, women being spiked, sexually harassed and that being a common occurrence, pay gaps in many areas of work, women in sport are payed much less, and women sports popularity is still very low. Things like that, just because the governments and laws are now equal doesnt mean society sees men and women equal yet. In other countries like in the Middle East, women are significantly treated differently, in some countries it is legal and allowed for husbands to rape their wives, in some other countries it has only just bene legal for women to drive.

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    Pay, promotions, harassment free workplace. Stuff like that. 

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    Well a journalist did ask a feminist that very question and she didn't know. Like many democrats, they just like to complain for the sake of complaining.

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    They're just jelly they can't write their names in the snow with urine. Or maybe they can. It's 2020. You do you man. Or not.

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    I think in the West the legal structure is pretty much there.   There are things about abortion rights, and women's ability to control what happens to their bodies . .. .

    But in society women are not treated equally.  Women get paid less for the same work.   Paternal leave is not given the same rights as maternal leave (which forces the woman to stay home with a newborn).   Women are still very much treated as lesser than men.

    And women are just not treated with the same level of respect - - I saw a video a few weeks ago of a (male) doctor introducing a group of other doctors . .   All the male doctors were introduced as Dr. Jones, Dr, Smith, Dr. Whatever.    The female doctors were introduced as Jane Smith, Alice Jones, and so on.    Apparently women do not deserve to be credited with their professional status in the same way that men do. . .

    The person doing this probably did not even realise what they were doing, they may have thought they were being polite to the women - giving them first name status . . but it came across as incredibly misogynistic . ..  because it was.

    When was the last time a male politician was criticized over how they sounded - not for what they actually said, but for sounding "shrill" or "harsh"?   When was the last time a male politician was critiqued over the cut of the clothes that they wore, or the colour of their shirt?  Yet women politicians have to put up with this.  Why?

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    I am more concerned about the plight of women in the Middle East where they still have permission to assault women who they feel should be obeying their husband even when demands are totally ridiculous. Women are not children.

  • they think simply being a woman qualifies them for what men have to work hard for 

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    Im concerned with changing law and policy but mostly changing peoples woman-hating minds and social codes.

    Changing laws only goes so far when most people don't respect anything about women.

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    These reptiles don't want equal rights, they want special rights.

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