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What is the best car to get as a guy who just turned 28?

Ive been saving money to buy a newer car as mine is getting old and is requiring lots of repairs.

It currently needs a new exhaust, lower control arms, bushings, rust proofing, 

These would cost around a 1000 to do

But the value of my car isnt 1000

So would you recommend i get a new car? Or fix mine?

I drive a 2003 accord, nothing is wrong with it so far and we just hit 210 k last week

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    YOUR age has nothing to do with it. Just achieving 18 made you an adult and you can buy booze. Or a house. What have you learned in 28 years or is "mommy still wiping your butt when changing your diapers"  Yeah, I go extreme just to point out you must have learned something.  Many guys get cars at 16 and learn under the shade of the old oak tree how the machine works.  What can they do to maintain it and keep it a long time. What wears out and "can I do that work to change it for a new part" as there is over 1000 parts in a car.(I never counted, I just am guessing)

    . A mechanic is a dude or dudess(yeah, there are female mechanics) that said I have some wrenches at home and my wrists and arms and eyes work so "I could do this job" saving a ton of cash.

    . Ok, you are well past rustproofing it because it has rusted. So it is more rust repairing. Some just brush on some rust paint like Rust-o-Leum that is roughly the same color as the car.  The rust is going to be on the lower panels so no one is really going to notice as you zip by on the freeway. Nor do they care. It is 17 years old. What "HAS" to be done to remain driveable.? A noisy exhaust usually is not allowed if it sounds like there is NO MUFFLER. Sometimes just because it is a hassle, it is worth the money to pay an exhaust shop to change it for you.

    Lower control arms control your steering(steering is kind of important) and pay a shop to do that...because it requires tools and knowledge that I did not acquire(no tools).

    Ask any shop to give you an estimate first. Now you know.

    . What does a new car cost?  that is what you are comparing with.   So a couple hundred vs 20 thousand.  You beater may still go for this year if you change the spark plugs and change the oil and air filter.

    .  Next spring the car lots are screaming for people to buy their cars cheap...because this virus has made many people unemployed so they are not in the market for a car when FOOD matters more.

    .  Cars always wear out. Even an electric car.

    Fortunately your battery should get you through this winter so that is one other cost you don't have to deal with.

    .  Check the oil level using the dipstick on a cold motor. Make sure the oil is where it is suppose to be.  I am figuring that it is burning oil at such a high mileage...but it could carry you to 350K if you keep an eye on the oil.  Change the oil when it needs changing.

    Your job may become non existent tomorrow.  You just don't know. Drive like a "white man" because it is not a new RACE CAR and you may go on for years.

    It is your judgement call.

    My cars have lasted 400K without too much problem. Sometimes the body cancer made it look like a wreck on the road(if someone keyed the paint job, they would ruin their key) and I would not notice the scratch because there was so much rust.

    .  Mechanically the car was sound.  Whenever there was a free check up - I would go for those to have a look.  Get the info and then take it to my own mechanic to evaluate and repair for cheaper.

    That was a 1975 Toyota Corolla.

    At best you can get a few hundred for the car.

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    6 months ago

    Time to get a new or newer car and get the new owner to fix the issues on your current car.

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    6 months ago

    Depends on what you need the car to do.

    For example: if you're single and your car does not serve any purpose other than transportation and money is no object, get a Tesla.

    If you need to haul a heavy trailer, get a pickup truck.

    If you occasionally need to carry small amounts of weather-sensitive items (like electronics), get a station wagon.

    If you have a family of six, get a mini van (or even a full-sized four-row-seat van).


  • 6 months ago

    Fix the car and keep driving it. Save your money for when you can buy a 5 year old Accord or Camry.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    A Malibu LT.       

  • CB
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    6 months ago

    It sureasShit well past needing rust proofing - so remove that from the total and fix the rest, just wear items - keep driving it until something really serious happens (computer, engine, trans that costs thousands of dollars).

  • Scott
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    6 months ago

    When I was your age, I drove a 2003 Ford Ranger 4 x 4 extended cab. I liked that truck

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