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I cut contact with my mom and I'm getting extremely depressed ?

I haven't seen or talked to her in over 2 years. My mom was narcissistic and emotionally abusive. I was always a possession to her. I dont think I was ever loved right. I moved out as soon as I hit 18 because i was so sick of her. She convinced me to move back with her and the abuse started all over again. I moved out again and she convinced me to come back and started crying because she kept saying she was lonely. I moved in for the second time and the abuse started happening again. She even told my boyfriend to rape me at the time when he told her he was having problems with me. She told him to take me by force and she yelled at me for not letting him have intercourse with me. I dumped my bf because he was a jerk and I wasn't in love with him anymore and I moved out for good because she almost convinced my bf to rape me. I am happier that I'm 7 hours away from her in a whole different state but I feel bad for her. Sometimes i want to see her again but i stop myself because i know shes gonna convince me to come back. Should i call her or should i stop myself? 

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    With every fiber of your being you should stop yourself from contacting her.

      So growing up all you know is that extreme cycle of abuse and drama - So you never got to experience what a healthy parent-child relationship should be.  Part of me wonders if you're not used to interacting in relationships without that drama around.  I don't mean that in a bad way - just that it is all you know from your experience.

    You are better off not having that toxicity in your life even as much as you (may) love your mom.

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    You know what she is, and what she has done to you over the years. There is NOTHING for you to feel bad about. Live your life, be happy. Family su*k. I cut my family out of my life, 20 years ago,Im so happy that I did. People make their lives like your mom, you have nothing to feel bad about.

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