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What do you think about what my mother told me? What should I do to preserve her health?

I'm worried about my mother. She became increasingly hallucinated and obsessed with COVID-19, vaccine and mark of the beast. She sent me news, theories and videos about Bill Gates, Luciferase and, use of mask and vaccine as marks of the beast. She said she won't wear mask because she don't want to get a mark of the beast, and she prefers dying of COVID-19 and going to God's sky than wearing mask, practising social distancing and getting vaccinated, and going to lake of fire.

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    For the purposes of this answer, I will assume you're sincere, and not trolling.

    You said this is your mother, and that she has been "increasingly hallucinated."  (Did you mean that she has been hallucinating for some time, and now it's occurring more often?)  This past year has been enough to give anyone bad dreams, but HALLUCINATING--the real thing, not just a bad dream--IS NOT NORMAL.

    Your mother may be reacting to a mix of too many medications (both prescribed and over-the-counter), or she may have dementia.  Those are just two of the possibilities.  Get her to a doctor IMMEDIATELY, and tell him or her everything you said here.

    Special note:  Are the rest of you so obsessed with things religious that it never occurred to you that this woman might have a PHYSIOLOGICAL problem?  Are you kidding me??  

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    There is no medical basis for wearing a mask , or social distancing. If they’re lying about that bit , where are they telling the truth?

    The coronavirus has a 99.99% recovery rate , so why are they so anxious for everyone to take a vaccine?

    Maybe she is right.

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    She's scared. She's trying not to be tricked. 

    It's probably hard to see your mom that way.

    2 Timothy 1:7

    For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

    Is a scripture you can hold on to and pray daily.

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    I didn't know my brother had a Yahoo answers account. Hey how is my nephew? Send some pics.

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    2 months ago

    I assure you your mother isn't "hallucinated."

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    Sean, get a life.

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    Well, you can start off by praying for her. Secondly, take her life as an example of what not to do. You should draw closer to God to know the real him, not what hack preachers are teaching.

    As for directly what can you do, wear a mask yourself? Get vaccinated if you aren't already. Second, I would suggest you tell her that her theories on God aren't biblical. I will discuss it below. You should approach her with love, but seriousness, and if she doesn't want to listen, "don't cast your pearls out before swine". It's a waste of time. You can pray for her to be humbled in this regard.

    Now, onto my explanation of why this isn't a biblical stance to have:

    1. Jesus said to love our neighbor as ourselves, but he also said to love our enemy. If that is the case, how can wearing a mask be a sin, when it is taking precaution in care for those you love?

    2. The bible talks about "marks" in multiple places, and each time, they are spiritual marks, not physical ones. Why then do we freak out and believe that the mark of the beast is going to be physical? The antichrist is going to do things in mockery of God. His actions are going to seem almost godly. This means that his mark too will be similar to the mark God uses. God marks people on their hand and forehead in the bible, just as the antichrist will do. In the case that God uses it, it is to mark whether people are in allegiance in their mind and action with him. Those that weren't, were killed. In the same way, the Beast, will mark those who spiritually and mentally follow him through action. Therefore, it cannot be a physical mark.

    3. Her preferring to die of COVID19 is no different than someone committing suicide in my mind. You are putting your will over God's will. Instead of doing what you can to preserve yourself to reach out to those in your life about the gospel, you are giving up and saying that you are God. This will be met with conviction from the Holy Spirit, and if ignored, could be a damnable offense.

    4. As to civil freedoms being taken away, which I'm sure is one of her theories, this exact thing happened in 1918. Across the country, many did not think it constitutional that they should have to wear masks during the Spanish Influenza flu. They even formed anti-mask leagues. Eventually, in order to stop this, the states had laws in these hotspots for the virus that it was illegal to not wear a mask. People protested but in the end, were forced to wear masks. The flu passed and all rights were restored. In the same way, our government reserves the right to make laws to protect its citizens in states of emergency. This is one. People have to wear masks. If they don't, they will get in trouble with the law. Because this law doesn't violate God's laws, then actually, according to the bible, it is a sin to disobey the laws of our states and not wear a mask. Your mother is sinning.

    5. Going to the Lake of Fire is reserved for those who do not believe in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ--that he died for your sins. The acts of the beast will sway the elect into this way of thinking. Your mother is actually following disorder, encouraging others to not follow the law, and is sowing hatred toward people who are actively trying to help her. These are the acts of the mark of the beast. She is literally doing what she is standing against.

    6. There is misinformation out there, and there are inaccuracies, sure. That doesn't mean that everyone and everything is evil. People still generally whistleblow when they see evil being done, and they still seem to fight for injustices. Why then would people think everything is a conspiracy? Look at our society right now and how everyone is fighting for everything. It's just a big hot mess. I feel we need to focus more on our inward morality in -combination- with tackling some bigger issues. Your mother is solely focusing on the bigger picture and she needs to be working on herself.

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    2 months ago

    Tell her that Betul won't be the only moron who's going to believe that you're not lying.

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    Tell her that there's a communist conspiracy to make people think any Covid-19 vaccine will contain the Mark of the Beast to get Christians to refuse it so more of them will die. Tell her communists want to get rid of Christians and this is their latest nefarious plot.

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    Tell her that it’s not healthy to think like that. Tell her, even if it’s true, which it’s not, she shouldn’t read into it so much because her health is more important. Tell her that God would forgive her for taking care of her mental and physical health. Also, maybe tell her that all types of people have access to the internet. So all the weird people are coming together to make up the same weird stories, tell her not to fall for them.

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