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There’s a lot of thirsty men, but women are the ones that create that problem?

So there has been a study with online dating and the graph shows the dynamics of female and male attractiveness.

In the graph majority of women found the majority of men to be unattractive. Meanwhile men were more generous with their preference and it seemed to be a healthy bell curve. The pandemic seems to only exacerbates the problem since most men have to resort to dating apps. Women are growing increasingly picking and it’s not going to look good in the future. Dating apps are pointless for most men and if most single men stopped using it, they would ceased to exist. Dating apps only profit from the misery of men. If you’re a woman or a chad, there is no need to use power ups or to use a boost as you’ll be receiving more than enough attention. 

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    Most societies are hypergamous.   It is accepted that women get to date and marry up.  Men who want their equal are of course criticized as being too picky and self centered.  

    Some argue this is inherent to human nature, others argue this bias is a result of feminism.   What is clear however is relationship standards favor women. 

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    Why are you blaming women for men's lack of self-control? If a woman doesn't find a man attractive, then that's too bad. You wouldn't expect a moderately attractive man to date a 300lb ugly woman with unkempt hair and no sense of style. So why would you expect a moderately attractive woman to date a short, skinny dude with a man bun?

    If you don't like dating sites, try real world dating.

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    You are a point. It is very interesting.

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