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How to tell if iPad have a virus/hacker ?

I went on an website a few different websites. iPad seems to work fine but I am scared that I might have a virus or a hacker. Does iPads even get viruses or hackers? 

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    I worked for the U.S. Navy in one of their Enterprise Data Centers.  I hold a CompTIA Security+ certificate.

    Yes, it is possible for an iPad to have a virus or to have been hacked.  However, it is not a likely occurrence.  Low odds do not mean zero odds.

    The most common thing would be a browser pop-up.  They are trying to scare you into downloading something.  Don't do it. 

    If you have bad program behavior of some sort, turn the iPad completely off and let it sit for a full minute.  Then power it on.  I am NOT talking about putting it on standby or hibernating or whatever half-on/half-off state you use.  Talking about zero power, cold metal.  Then when you power it on, it should go through a power-on self test (POST).  If you send a machine through POST that will prevent previously active cookies or lurking processes from continuing to run.

    Then you should do a purge of all of your temp files and 3rd-party cookies.  You will have to learn how to do that yourself because I don't have an iPad.

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    4 months ago

    If you're worried because a pop up said that your ipad may be infected- ignore it. Its a common way to get you to buy some dubious anti virus software. 

    Ipads, and tablets in general are tough to infect without actually going through the steps of downloading something- like an app you know nothing about, or a pop up that offers a fix for the "virus" they say you have.  At worst a sketchy website may trash your browser. A simple reinstall would fix that.

    Same for desktops and laptops too. Just don't download anything you're not 100% sure of and you're pretty much safe. Just browsing a website shouldn't download anything malicious without permission. Just set your browser to ask where to download files (always say nowhere and/or click out of it)  so no "drive by" downloads can install themselves.

    So, using caution, installing updates (real ones- again, be cautious- pop ups are usually fake), and using the latest browser should keep your computer virus free.

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    In my opinion iPad don't need a virus software it might be possible that because of your password your iPad got hacked.

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    I can say with high certainty that you do not have a virus or hacker on your iPad. There are 2 ways in order for a device to be infected. One way is by the user installs a malicious app. Because Apple locks down iOS and only allows approved apps, it's highly highly unlikely to install a malicious app. The only other way a device can be infected/hacked, is by exploiting a vulnerability. Vulnerabilities are holes in software that allows something to happen that was not supposed to happen. Exploits is code that utilizes the vulnerability to execute the code in order to infect the device. Apple devices such as the iPad can have vulnerabilities that could potentially be exploited however once they are found Apple issues an iOS update to fix it. As long as you keep your device updated you should be fine. It's extremely rare for an iOS device to be infected, though it is possible. If you think it's compromised, take it to an Apple store or simply reset to factory. 

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    Its rare to get a virus on Apple products though not impossible.

    Hacking is more likely to be compromising your logins to online accounts particularly if you use weak passwords and reuse the same on on different sites.

  • Lv 7
    4 months ago

    what makes you think you have one?

    it is possible to get a virus, but it's rather rare these days.

  • 4 months ago

    I have had Apple products for about fifteen years and I have never had a virus. I do not run an antivirus software simply because Macs do not need them. 

  • 4 months ago

    They do, but not as often as Windows does.  Most people who use iPads do not have much worth stealing.   Just not worth the trouble.

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