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Can sex offenders be rehabilitated or is that not possible?

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    Like other crimes, the issue is something you did, an action. Like if someone robs, does not do it again, you could say he is rehabilitated. Someone could beat someone up, and never do it again. Someone deemed a sex offender could do something once, and never do it again, like the robber. Keep in mind there are many reasons these days someone can be deemed a sex offender, and if someone deemed a sex offender continues to get into trouble, they will never see the light of day in society, so you would not need to worry about that person. So if someone does something once, and does not do it again, what is the word for it? Rehabilitation? Lucky? Changed? If you can change your way of thinking, be responsible, be a valued member that pulls his or her own weight in society, you are golden. 

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    Apparently there is rehab for sex offenders, but I am not going to place money on them never going back to their old ways. 

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