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Relationship ended 2 months ago, is it ok to be in touch with a guy I used to date? How soon is it ok to think about dating again ?

I ended my 3 yr relationship with a guy who gave me false hope and took me for granted. I felt more like his mother at times and he really leaned on me and depended on me for everything, it was hard work and we argued a lot. I spent so much time in tears and my friends would always ask me what I was going to do and hinted that I should probably end it because I was obviously not happy. Anyway I ended it and I feel so free. It ended amicably my ex didn't want it to end but he did know I was unhappy and he said because he loves me he would prefer that I was free and focused on myself as he said I am too kind and always do things for others and should start looking out for myself. Before I met him, I had dated a great guy who was very serious about wanting a relationship with me. At the time, I was not looking for a relationship and made it clear but I did really like him. The connection was so intense it actually scared me how much I liked him - I think that's why I backed off at the time. We stayed in touch but eventually drifted apart because of my relationship. My friend saw the guy recently and he told her that he thought I was the one that got away and he would have liked to try again. Honestly, I do believe that he was a better match for me and we were on the same wavelength. I would love to see him again but start as a friend. My relationship ended two months ago and this other guy lives abroad but plans to move back eventually we would only be in contact at a distance.

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    OMG gurl~~ get out there and start having some fun!! Two months is plenty time to be hibernating. Time for you to get your dancing shoes back on. You just let the garbage go to the curb, you didn't die. If there is a guy out there you are interested in then go see what will happen. Go!! Don't even read anymore of this~ JUST GO!!! lol

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    I’m sorry, you said that HE gave YOU false hope… But he dated you faithfully for 3 years and you’re the one who dumped him and is now running to an ex? yeah that doesn’t make any sense. You’re not the victim here, he is 

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    i think it's a waste of time

    enjoy being single for once

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