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My friend feels guilty about dating again but she didn't even love her ex?

My friend dated her boyfriend for 6 months, lived with him for three years. She told me she had wanted to end it after the first year she lived with him and she told him but he started using emotional blackmail to make her stay. She then lived with him for another 2 years, I think out of convenience mainly but also he was very clingy with her and possessive. She stopped hanging out with me and our other friends and we could tell he made everything about him and he was very overbearing with her. She is a calm easygoing person anyway so that didn't help but it was hard to watch as she used to be so independent and free. She told me she ended things with him and has moved back in with her parents temporarily. I was thinking of encouraging her to date again but not sure if it is too soon? She emotionally checked out of her relationship ages ago and was just living with him, she was faithful to him and supported him a lot. She actually admitted that she probably would be ready to date again in a month or two but she felt really guilty about it and she is worried that her ex will find out. Her ex is going to move back to his hometown which is miles away and he didn't have any mutual friends (he didn't have any friends at all) so I don't see how he would know. I just find that my friend is so polite and puts her needs last. I don't expect her to be in a relationship again but I do think it's healthy to date and flirt and enjoy life again. Is it disrespectful to her ex if she dates? 

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