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Can you love someone you never met?

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    2 months ago

    No.Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β Β 

  • 2 months ago

    yesΒ  suppose you canΒ 

  • i guess it can b possible.

    bt i have never been in one.

  • 2 months ago

    Yes. I haven't met him in person, (yet). We are in two different continents. I'm not sure if he knows that I connected with him years ago. I was young, and I was going through a hard breakup, but I felt close to him for some reason.Β  If I could...I would totally travel to his country right now to meet him.

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  • My fiancΓ© and I are an intercontinental LDR couple. We first met online. In fact, we met on Y!A R&S. And.. we just IMMEDIATELY loved each other's energies, and gravitated towards each other! The more we talked..? The more we liked each other! Until finally we started exchanging emails, that only became progressively longer and more personal. And.. we both fell VERY deeply in love! Not just simply without having physically met each other. BUT..? Without ever even having seen a PICTURE of the other person! And certainly never having web cammed! Which.. we eventually did that. And it was strange, having to get used to him ALSO being a physical person, rather than just a soul, or an energy, that I adored. Then in January this year..? I visited him for the first time! For a month! And.. it was the BEST thing ever!! Just the DEEPEST, most beautiful love between us! It was even BETTER than any of us had hoped! And ever since then..? I've noticed I have also come to ADORE his physical form! And I also think of him as a body, and have a strong physical connection with him. And.. I really, really miss being able to touch, hold, kiss, hug and caress his body!! Etc. But.. like I said, that's something that's developed LATER! It started out as just an INTENSE soul connection, and falling in love purely as souls.

    ..Not saying this would work out for everyone. I know to many people, it makes NO sense. And they can't even imagine that happening to them! Which.. fair enough. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. And I do think my sexual orientation ALSO plays into this. See.. I'm panromantic grey asexual. Meaning, I can fall in love with people completely regardless of their sex, or gender identity and expression. And I tend to fall for them on a very deep soul level. BUT..? I don't really experience sexual attraction, in the same way as other people! Which is why I'm less physically oriented, I think. As that is just NOT what drives me! And.. he is much the same, in all the ways that matter. He does not see himself as asexual, though. He identifies as bisexual. BUT..? He's still not HUGELY sexual. And the thing that really matters the most to BOTH of us..? Is romance, emotional intimacy, and having a STRONG soul connection, that's also based on a DEEP friendship! We are both sappy, hopeless romantics, really. And he also just so happens to be someone who thinks ALL bodies can be beautiful! In their own unique way! He is VERY special and unique, in terms of how he perceives reality, and really SO many things! I feel like people are basically unique pieces of art, in his mind. And he can see beauty in EVERYONE! Even people that are considered "ugly", by social standards! So.. he thinks I'm beautiful. But basically no matter what I'd looked like, he would have felt that way, I'm sure! Because he LOVES me! And.. I'm the same way, in the sense that when I really love someone, in the way that I love him..? They become beautiful to me, no matter WHAT they look like! As their soul shines through their eyes, and animates their body, regardless of any physical imperfections.

    So.. yeah. That's our story, and who we are, and how / why that happened to us. Hope you enjoy. <3 :)

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    I think it could be possible.Β 

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    people love celebrities they never met

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    I don't think you can truly love someone you've never met. But maybe you could be preoccupied with them, interested in them, obsessed with them, excited about the idea of them, etc.

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    2 months ago

    Not really.................

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