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What do YOU and/or the people you live do with empty bottles of liquor esp. if not recyclable in your area or glass/plastic isn't worth much?

bq: What kind / brands of liquor do you and/or they consume ?

bq2: What size bottle(s) and how long does / do it or they usually last ?

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  • Bottles and cans are recyclable in my region so it's not an issue.  I just put them in the recycle bin and they get picked up every 2 weeks.

    BQ: Mostly Scotch or bourbon (not counting wine)

    BQ2: I go through one bottle every few weeks; lately I make an Old Fashioned or a highball in the evening.

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    If not recyclable just throw it in the trash. But nearly every town recycles glass, plastic and metal, although many do not recycle cardboard, and i don't think sytrofoam Is recyclable. 

    Check with your local town government. 

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