J1 Visa Waiver?

Hello and I want to start off saying thank you for your time. My question is a little complex. My now Wife is here from Brazil on a J-1 waver with a 2 year residency requirement. We are recently married as July 19th, we are working on getting a no objection waver from Brazil. CAPES funded her to come to America on a internship for 1 year in America, paying 18,000 USD. We are in the process of contacting them to try and setup payment arrangements for the year she spent here so we can obtain a no objection letter. She's finished with her internship end of this month but her J1 shows an expiration of 10/31/2020. I just filed the DS-3035 to get a case number but was told by a friend i can't proceed until working out payments with CAPES. I just my main question is whats the correct route to take in the process and will she be required to leave end of this month when shes done with her internship? Thank you in advance for any help, this process is very stressful.

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