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Is this possible?

Hello! So for this semester in university I won’t be able to afford the classes I planned to take since Financial Aid said I wasn’t eligible bc of my low hours or whatever it was. So after they decline my Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal  form which I know they will, I was planning to drop 2 of the 4 classes I was planning to take and only take 2 so i can pay for them since I won’t be able to afford all 4 of them. Plus I wanted to take things my own pace bc I also started working this year to pay for my uni stuff also because my mom lost her job due to covid. So I’m a little bit worried since I know I’m going to be a bit behid but also I’m not worried at the same time since I’m taking the pace well and I can focus well on those two classes. I just wanted your guys opinion on what I’m planning to do..

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    There are plenty of students who attend school part-time so that they can work and pay their way through school.  It is a wise thing to do - it gets you through school without burdening yourself with debt.  There is no shame in taking longer than normal to complete a degree - completion of a college degree is an accomplishment no matter what. 

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