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When doing a work Zoom call from home, is it unprofessional to have a rainbow pride flag in the background?

While working from home, my desk is in my bedroom, and when I do video calls you can see my pride flag in the background. Is that unprofessional? Should I have a more neutral background for business calls with clients and other people outside of our company?

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    6 months ago

    Go to some art website and get a very non controversial abstract or landscape and hang that up when you 'work zoom'.

    There is an artist named Michelle Hinz that does very calming 'seascapes'.  See if you can locate some of that and look at it.  That is the kind of neutral you need.

    UNLESS, of course you actually work for a very, VERY Liberal LGBTQIPC organization that encourages you to use that background.

    ALSO...when you use a neutral, people have to focus on you and what you are saying...and not let their eyes wander.

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    We don't know what industry that you work in, but anything other than a liberal non-profit = yes

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    6 months ago

    In my opinion it's unprofessional. I would think your more interested in jamming your political beliefs down everyone's throat then you are in business. Same with a BLM flag, Trump flag, ISIS flag etc. 

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