How am I supposed to clip my toes without more blood supposedly coming out?

Please ignore my toenails except for the one with blood underneath it. Yes, I know they're gross and long, but it's the one with the white line directly across it and the blood is Directly on the quick.

I literally just injured that toe/toenail as well. Was using ice to get purple discoloration down after injuring myself. Yes, in how I injured myself is kind of funny.

Anyways, I have a small hallway where there's a vacuum sitting there and then my dog lays down right in the middle of the beginning of the hallway and as I tried to step over my dog, I ended up kicking the side of my couch super hard. So now if I attempt to clip that nail, I'm a little scared that blood will seep out since the blood is literally on the quick.

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1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    See a podiatrist.

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