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What do you think on watching real death/torture/violence  videos and such? ?

There are/were entire communities on posting these kind of videos and images such as bestgore, r/watchpeopledie, etc.. featuring things like ISIS beheadings, cartel killing, and accidents. 

I think that enjoying these videos is pretty messed up. No, I'm not talking about watching  them occasionally   for being informed, a harsh reality check, talking about how horrible the featured events are, educational reasons or mere curiosity. That's kind of understandable. What really gets me is that people view these as entertainment. Seriously? Getting entertained by other's suffering and deaths? Now that's just sadism. 

Not to mention how insensitive the comments can be on these. You can find straight up racism/sexism, dehumanizing victims, making jokes of them(I know it's "dark humor" but they take it too far and it's just disrespectful)  and other insensitive and disrespectful comments. 


There's also people watching these constantly, claiming it as "curiosity", which would be believable if they were only watching occasionally, but that's not the case and shows it's more than that. Once you see a car accident result there's no need to see them 50 more times to learn how it looks like. 

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