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Do you recycle ? Why don't they pay people to do it?

I bet if they paid people for their recyclables more people would step up to do it. It used to be you could recycle metal for good money but now they don't pay much and ask questions where you get it...what rubbish!

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    The government can't afford to pay people to recycle. Yes, rapidly growing landfills are a problem and I recycle for that reason. I do think that more people should recycle because I believe that we have a responsibility to properly dispose of waste that we produce. However, it would ultimately be tax dollars that would fund this program. I'm sure a lot more people would start recycling, but it's not worth the money. Tax dollars need to be spent on more important departments such as education and healthcare.

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    The oceans are filled with plastics. Marine animals are contaminated with them and we are also now eating it via their flesh. An analogy to illustrate the situation: If you walk into your kitchen and the water is all over the floor and you see that the tap is full on. Do you get a mop and bucket?  No, you turn the faucet off.  That is the situation we are in. We can't clean the oceans etc because we keep producing disposable plastics. Recycling should never have been started or been included in the 3 Rs. It should be Reduce, Reuse and Repair.

       Besides, there is no recycling. Countries we send our plastics to are now refusing to take them.

       Time to take care of each other by taking care of our issues here and not dumping them on others. We only have one planet that we need to share.

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    "They" do, just indirectly. Your fees and taxes would go up dramatically if your municipality had to landfill all its solid waste. Further, they get some income from recycling, further depressing your tax burden.

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