Looking for a quality Playstation 4 controller, any recommendations?

just recently I bought a used PS4 with a couple of console exclusive games, when I started to play them I noticed my characters stopped randomly every few seconds, I'm assuming the controller has a drift, now I own an xbox and I'm aware that most remotes tend not to have a fix for this with the exception of PDP's wired xbox controllers. so since I'm new to Playstation's market, perhaps there's a company selling remotes that can easily fix this drift issue much like PDP's remotes? 

for context, the PDP xbox wired controllers do occasionally get a controller drift on either thumbstick, but with the online guide they have, you can reset the drift easily by plugging the remote into your console, while holding down on the D-pad,the remote will start to vibrate and the led indicator for on will be lit, pressing A will start the recalibration and it'll stop vibrating,the led will turn off too, you turn both sticks clockwise,press the left and right trigger,and then hit down on the d-pad this completes the calibration and removes their drift. 


these wired remotes tend to cost around $30 in us currency,which is more affordable then the $50 remotes xbox tries to sell people that don't offer a drift solution.

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