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do bipolar people know they're bipolar?

ive got a suspicion that im bipolar cause it is quite common in my family and i have very bad mood swings 

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    No.  The only way to tell what kind of problem you really have is by going to a doctor.

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    most Bipolars know that they have some sort of an abnormal mood disorder.. they would notice the mood swings and they may seek medical attention for it.. unfortunately, most of the cases i see, are brought in by the family members, by guardians or even by the police for disturbing peace and sometimes for violent behaviour.. Bipolar Disorder (or BPD for short) is a diagnosis given after they have been assessed by a certified psychiatrist..

    back to your original question.. do they know that they're Bipolar? it depends.. if they were diagnosed with a BPD, most probably yes.. unfortunately, most types of BPD comes with Acute Mania or acute Manic phase, when their thoughts are sped-up that gives them the feeling of rush, invincibility, and the desire to accomplish so much in a unrealistic time frame.. in this Manic phase, a Bipolar patient may be in denial and may prefer to be in that manic phase because of the rush and the overconfidence they feel, and they are most likely not to admit that they have a problem.. 

    they would sleep less and plan for so many things (most are unachievable in a given time frame); for example, they may go around the house planning to climb the highest mountains, solve world hunger, and re-model the entire house ALL at the same time and ALL in the same night.. so, it is not unusual for Bipolar patients to skip medication in order to feel the rush of the Manic phase; however, after that manic phase, it is often followed by the depressive phase that often reminds them that they should have took better care of their BPD medication..

    it is worth mentioning that BPD is a diagnosis by exclusion.. there is a list of medical and psychiatric disorders that can present with acute mania, and often confused with BDP; for example: hyperthyroidism (a problem in the neck), heavy metal poisoning (lead, mercury etc..), certain cancers (like suprarenal cancers that sits on the kidneys), recreational drugs etc etc etc.. so if you really suspect some sort of mood disorder (mood swing) that is effecting your work, study and/or life, then seek help at a local clinic (GP or family doctor), who would assess you for common problems (like hyperthyroidism) and if he/she cannot find a medical explanation to your problems, only then you would be referred to see a psychiatrist (medical doctors specialized in mental illnesses), a psychologist (specialized in treating mental issues, but most likely unlicensed to give any medications) or a group therapy - depending on what you have and how bad is your mood swings.. and all the best.. 

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