Where should I install a coax cable outlet and how do I install it?

I decided to order switch for my shitty CenturyLink 3 mbps internet to Cox’s Internet Preferred 150 and Cox Voice Premier (home phone). But before I clicked order I looked up if Cox did installation in-home visits in my city. I called customer service and the guy said I had to do self-installation. In my apartment, there is no coax outlets. Where should I buy a coaxial outlet wall plate? Where is the right place to install it on a wall? How do I correctly install it without electrocuting and killing myself, anybody, or my power being cut off? Thank you for reading and answering.

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  • BigE
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    2 months ago

    You won't be able to install it in an apartment without a cable line into the apartment.  I think if you look around, there is probably a cable line coiled behind a blank plate.  How do other residents get cable tv?  Ask around because there are access laws about cable access.

  • 2 months ago

    Installing coax is easy, but more importantly, where does it come from? You can't just put a plate in your wall and have connectivity.  You will need to bring the coax wire from the box (usually on a pole out at the road) and bring it up to  your apartment. I'm also surprised that you don't already have a coax connector. Look around, behind furniture and such and see if one might be there, just not connected.  It will either be a short cable coming out of a baseboard, or there will be a coax plate like below.  

    If there is no cable visible,  there may already be coax brought in to the building and all you need to have done is having a branch put in from the box (in the basement, or outside the first floor somewhere) up to your apartment.  so first, start with the building maintenance and ask them what is there. Then you will have a starting point.  

    Coax carries very little electricity, you won't need to turn off power or worry too much. I've run coax all over my house and never even wore gloves.  You will need to be careful not to hit any electrical wires, and you will need to put in a connector box for your plate.  You can buy any and all wiring and boxes and plates at some place like Lowes.  

    One last thought.  Call Cox back and tell them you have no coax in your place and ask how they assist with that.  They may charge you,but you will have a professional install.  

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