Do races exist on the genetic level? ?

What do you all think. I think it’s beyond any question that race is a valid and useful scientific concept. But race denial is prevalent in the West, bolstered by Marxist heavyweights like Stephen Jay Gould and Richard Lewontin. The Chinese and Japanese don’t have this tendency however. It is obvious to them that genetic computation can sort our DNA into groupings which basically fit perfectly into patterns of continental origin. So what do say this?

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  • 6 months ago

    Read 'How To Argue With A Racist'.  It's written by a geneticist and goes into the scientific details of why ethnicity has no genetic basis.  He is not a Marxist, and in any case Marxism is a relatively accurate description of social relations in wider society.  The situation is roughly that there is a lot of genetic variation in Afrika south of the Sahara, another area of genetic variation in Central Asia and then the rest of the world is relatively homogenous.  

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    6 months ago

    It's not if it exists, it's how you define it and much tolerance is given to each category.

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    6 months ago

    Anthropologist can determine race from bones alone. Geneticists can determine race from DNA alone. The statement that there is more diversity within a race than between is patently misleading. If you look a person's alleles, it is easy to determine race, ethnic group or geographic origin with accuracy. A three year old can determine and recognizes race without difficulty. The reason our parents did this is because it is evident. 

    It is no more difficult or controversial than determining a great Dane from a chihuahua. Nor is the fact that there isn't a sharp dividing line an issue. It's called a Cline. A perfect example is the visible spectrum of light. There's no sharp division between the colors as we name them but red is clearly distinguishable as different than green.

    There are race-specific illnesses and disorders that affect only particular racial group of people. Are you saying the only difference between Japanese and Pymy is just the color of skin and nothing else ? 

  • Tangi
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    6 months ago

    Race is not a valid and useful scientific concept. If it was, it would be used by biologists all the time. But it's not.

    Scientists talk about populations, which is a more nebulous concept that does not apply to the individual level, because populations are not strictly separated from each other. Most of the time, there is a continuum between two populations.

    And populations are not necessarily only characterised by their genetics or ancestry. Other factors can also be considered, like cultural practices or the place where they are located. It all depends on how you define your population in the beginning of your research.

    That's not the case with the concept of race. It does apply to the individual level, and is supposed to be something you inherit from your parents. That does not allow for the wiggle room the concept of population has.

    And yet, even though the concept of races is supposed to be much more narrow, it's actually even less well defined than populations. What constitute this or that race? What race do mixed person belong to? etc.

    Today, races is used almost only as a social qualifier in some countries, and it's used very differently in different countries, which further demonstrate that it's not an actual scientific concept.

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  • 6 months ago

    If you really think it's 'beyond question', why are you asking us this question?

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