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Does anyone else get the best tingles when their head/hair is touched?

I like to have my head scratched, patted, and rubbed and it gives me a almost orgasmic(:very enjoyable or exciting.) pleasure but in a nonsexual way. it's so pleasing that usually I can't move much until the person stops rubbing my head. I can almost do it to myself. (and getting my hair cut and brushed is the best thing I have ever felt.) this made it easy for any random girl (I don't know why they do it) that knew my weakness to capitalize on it and giggle about it. (I didn't make weird faces I swear.) and I mean I'm not really complaining some are really surprisingly skilled at head rubs 'n' stuff but like why? Why does it feel so good to have my head touched? Am I a cat somehow? I like tight, dark spaces that I can cram myself into but really? why does it feel so good to have my head rubbed and does anyone else experience this? (also on another question why do girls really like rubbing my head? Am I like their pet or something?)


I don't know what Category to use for this.

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