Power lines?

What happens when you back feed power through the power lines? Too much voltage or current sent to the transformer?

1 Answer

  • 6 months ago

    you need to apply a higher voltage than is there now to send current back down the line. So you may have to apply, say, 122 volts to a nominal 120 volts. 

    but other than that, there should be no issues. at some point not far away, your reverse current is canceled by all the positive, ie, outgoing, currents for other loads. 

    transformers are bi-directional. the few volts higher would be no problem. And I doubt the current you could send back thru them would exceed their current or power rating. Unless you are talking about thousands of amps....

    This is done all over the world where people have solar panels on their homes and when they have excess power, it is sent back to the power company for a credit. But you do need the permission of the power company, and they install a special power meter. 

    Note, it is more complicated than that, as you have to match frequency exactly. 

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