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Bad Diarrhoea, diet or IBS?

I have been bulking up, working out etc. I had a diet of eating about 3000-3500 calories daily for about 6 months, I was eating a decent amount of junk food to get these calories easier and also having milk and ice cream every night, I never had any severe problems with passing stool. Now that I have decided to burn the fat I have gained. I have changed my diet, 2400 calories daily, eating lean meats, protein bars and having more protein powder daily, however I am no longer having as much yoghurt, ice cream and milk as I was. Only some with cereal in the morning and that’s it. I have had diarrhoea / loose stools for almost 2 weeks now, but in the last two days it has gotten much worse. I was going to the toilet around 10 times in the one day, then yesterday morning around 7 times before it was even 2pm. I took imodium and it has seemed to calm it down, however I have still passed a couple loose stools so far today. Could this be the increase in protein? I have only found people saying it’s the lactose in whey protein that causes diarrhoea but I am definitely not lactose intolerant after all the dairy I used to have. Could it be IBS? a coincidental stomach bug when I’ve just changed my diet? 

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    2 months ago

    More than likely it is a combination of that and the obvious lack of sufficient fiber in your diet. See the last paragraph under the section entitled "You’re having trouble in the restroom."


  • 2 months ago

    It could be eating too much. Or adjusting to a different diet. Certainly drinking more water will help clear the diahorrea.

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