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Why do people have trouble with working hard?

Some people can’t even study for more than 15 minutes without giving up. And other people in places like Taiwan can work for 16 hours straight everyday because if they don’t, they will die of starvation or they won’t be able to support their families 


Are Americans lazy? Not saying all Americans but a lot of them are. If you have any ounce of work ethic that matches that of a worker in Southeast Asia and you live in America, you have the world at your fingertips and can do anything with the resources America provides 

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    Different cultures

    Different priorities 

    Different attention spans


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    🥴 It's not the same. 

    I know of tons of Americans who worked 16 hours a day. I was one. 

    Studying is different. People have different educational needs. And some teachers fail at teaching.

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