Can I sell a singular AirPod with the case? ?

Recently lost one of my AirPods. Dog knocked them off my shelf while I was sleeping, I woke up and the case was on the ground but one AirPod was missing. Never been able to find it again so I had to buy a new it possible to sell the singular AirPod and case for very cheap??

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    You could try, just market it towards people who have lost the opposite Airpod. Your chances of being able to sell it are slim, but it's worth a try. Facebook Marketplace would probably be the best website to sell it on. IN the description, make it clear that it only includes the left or right airpod and the case. Mention that if somebody lost the other airpod, they're better off buying yours instead of replacing them altogether. 

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