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Are these fleas?

So my new adopted dog sleeps in the kitchen she only has gone on walks around the neighborhood 3 times and she goes in our yard but she recently started itching a lot and I checked her but I don’t see any fleas in the areas suggested she is very Hary though(shitzu) but today I saw this little fly or bug hop  away by her food bowl so this is the second time I notice this and I stopped to kill it and saw this last time I figured it was a fruit fly almost dying by her food but this can’t be twice???! Help 


I had seen her itch more but I thought it was moskito bites since we have a lot in my yard

Update 2:

I have given her 4 bathes since I got her but she’s only been here for no more than 3 weeks  and I did see that bug hop like fly or hop near it’s food  I had take her to the vet and she was ok but the itching just started like beginning of the week but again I thought it was moskitos. I put on my flash light and checked her and I don’t see any but idk if they are just starting? It scared me because the rest of my house is short carpet and I have a 6month old beginning to crawl

Update 3:

I give her bathed with a antiseptic shampoo because this dog has delicate skin with regular shampoo or so I was told   And the vet had recommended that shampoo to be used 3times a week for 4weeks then reduced. I don’t keep the dog around my infant when he’s crawling I put her in the kitchen but when he’s on the bouncy or else we’re she’s all over the house and the picture is zoomed in

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    A dog should NEVER be bathed that often.  Never.

    Tell the Vet what you've told us.  That looks like a fly.  It's not a flea.

    Fleas spread rapidly.  I rescued a puppy, she had fleas, I had an infestation within weeks.  I will not use a pesticide, and it was a long battle to eradicate all of them.

  • Maxi
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    6 months ago

    .No it is not a flea, however you should not be bathing a dog so often, otherwise you strip out all the natural oils in the coat and that could certainly make the dog itch as you are drying out its skin...... really don't beleive you that a vet told you to bathe it, they are not groomers, trainers, behaviourists or nutritionists they are medical professionals... so when it comes to grooming requirements speak to a professional groomer, not the vet, same goes for training/behaviour or food speak to a professional who is trained not a vet..that is like asking advice of a plumber about building a house

    Get your yard cleaned up, long grass harbours fleas, ask your vet for flea/tick proventative chemicals that is their area of expertise........ quality food, no more bathing and stripping out the sounds more like you are drying out its coat and feeding junk kibble both will cause itching

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    You need to have her on a flea preventative, preferably one the vet reccomends. You'll also need to ask your vet if you live where heartworms are a thing which come from infected mosquitoes as you'll also need to have her tested to make sure she's not carrying any of those before being put on preventative (It's dangerous to put a dog on heartworm preventative without being tested first). Stop bathing her so much too if it isn't for a medically diagnosed condition with a medicated shampoo from your vet.

  • 6 months ago

    This is TOO LARGE and too leggy to be a flea.  Look them up on GOOGLE for more images and size which is smaller than a sesame seed.

    If dog is itchy - WHAT flea/tick protections are you using on the dog?  (Some monthly spot-on products offer ADDITIONAL mosquito protection)  If dog so protected it would be unlikely - to be any insect issue.  

    Did you wash dog upon coming home with said adoptee? The breed needs to be wash every 3-6 weeks and groomed often or the coat WILL develop tangles. Washing upon arrival would have rid the dog of any fleas, and allow you to look through the coat for TICKS.  Or did you get the dog GROOMED?  One or the other SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE.  Most Shih-tuz (correct spelling, btw)  require some professional grooming.

    If you have ruled out insects, the other LIKELIHOOD is food allergies, so see your vet (as you should have) the moment you brought home the dog - to DETERMINE its (GOOD or BAD) HEALTH and to start your vet RX  scripts, for flea/tick and heartworm preventatives.

    I would NEVER have suggested adopting ANY dog = if you have a 6 mo old INFANT beginning to CRAWL.  Shih-tzu are delicate, and unsuitable for children UNDER age 6 years.  The puppy mill variety of this breed are prone to irritable snapping, or touch shyness.  The most common DOG BITES on young children are done by the family dog, and inflicted on the HEAD, FACE and NECK.

    NO dog (esp of unknown background) should ever be on FACE level with a child (this included being ON furniture - which will mean at FACE LEVEL even after the child is walking. An infant or a toddler - who CANNOT comprehend "cause & effect" or potential ABUSE of the dog (by sheer accident of mishandling/hitting) or cannot understand any signals or WARNING the dog may give out, to LEAVE IT ALONE and is therefore, in danger.  This DANGER to both -and will STILL BE TRUE for another 4-5 years, as the child becomes MORE MOBILE, on 2 feet, not JUST while crawling and you will play HELL trying to keep them apart.  (The dog becomes an attractive nuisance - not unlike a swimming pool.)  

    I REPEAT: I suggest RETURNING the dog for the SAFETY of BOTH!

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  • 6 months ago

    Did you bathe her when she first got home? The first two things I did when I brought my puppy home from the rescue was bath, then vet. Shelters can be very disgusting, and Lord knows what all those dogs already have and what other people bring in. Get her in the tub and wash off the shelter.

    4 BATHS?????????? STOP BATHING HER! That could be why she's so itchy, because you're drying her skin out! Scratch what I said and leave the poor dog alone, STOP BATHING HER. I've had my dog for less than a year and we've given him all of 6 baths total! STOP!!!!!

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