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Why does nobody believe that I'm struggling with ADHD?

When seeking help I always tell them I'm struggling with ADHD and how that is the center of my problems. My doctor and psychiatrist seems to always dismiss it and focus on "mood problems" and anxiety. I know myself more than anyone else and I know I have ADHD and was diagnosed with it at age of 6. My last psychiatrist dismissed it saying that I don't seem to be hyperactive and squirming in my seat. She said I don't seem to show the symptoms. I disagree because my life has been so disorganized and full of all sorts of problems. I seem to always mess up appointments and doing chores of any sorts. I may not display too much of the hyperactive side but I definitely struggle on the attention side of things. My childhood has been tainted by it and completely messed me up growing up into an adult. I've been fighting depression and anxiety for a long time now and I strongly believe having ADHD encouraged it. I find it annoying when all they treat me with is the anxiety and depression while my ADHD is untreated and continues to haunt me. I don't seem that all hyperactive in public cause of my anxiety, I'm too worried in my thoughts and feel like everybody will judge me if I bounce my leg like I always do to get that energy out. Why does nobody want to help me?

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  • Rick
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    5 months ago

    I've been on meds for my ADHD since like 1984 with no problems ....

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Bc it’s not a real condition like anything in the DXM

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