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Is it still unrequited love if you keep thinking about someone but didnt want to date them?

I used to really like this guy but i never wanted to date him because i thought he really loved himself. I also didnt like the fact that he wasnt working and i would most likely end up having to pay for everything if we did date. However I was really attracted to him physically and we used to see each other a lot and smile and wave at each other and chat sometimes but it was awkward for me as i liked him so much.

The thing is this was a few years ago since we communicated and seen each other. I stopped talking to him or even saying hi and he got upset about that. But at that stage he had a gf anyway.

I still havnt moved on in the sense that i think about him every single day. I know we wouldnt have been a good match and he never asked me out anyway.

So what do you call this? Is it an obsession or what is it?

I cant meet anyone else since its a lockdown but its rare i go out anyway so not much chance of me meeting anyone.

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    It's whatever you want to call it. 

    It's "unrequited love" if you love him and he does not love you back. 

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