YouTube channel name help?

I am going to be starting a YouTube channel soon. I know how to edit, record, and get creative very well as I've done it in the past with success. Only thing I'm having trouble with is being creative with a channel name. 

The channel is going to be about:

*Fitness - doing a weight loss vlog everyday till I reach my goal

*Traveling - Going to be traveling to different countries and going on adventures that the local area has that the tourists usually dont get to go to or don't know of.

*Food - Going to be trying out exotic and unique foods in every country I travel to. Also I'm a cook so I'll be showing off some stuff.

*Gaming - Going to be playing unique games that are really good that arnt that popular. Also will be playing brand new games when they come out.

I'm a very fun, joyful, charismatic person. I love to make people laugh a lot. My friends tell me I also have a attitude of not giving a **** as I take no stress. Idk if this information helps out with the name or not lol.

Anyways, I want a dope name that eventually I can start a brand with. And I dont want to use my own name. For example the gaming channel "Faze" the name sounds dope. Or the popular fortnite player "Tfue" which means the future, also a dope name. Or "Nelk" dont know what it means but it sounds cool. All have started successful brands and arnt using their own names. 

Thanks for the help. If you cant think of a word or channel name for me give me ideas that I can use to come up with a name myself!!

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