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If most American politicians are lawyers, does that mean our government is crooked? ?

People say lawyers are liars and thieves. A lot of people don't trust lawyers. Is that why most politicians are liars and promise false things because they are lawyers? Why do lawyers apply for the government positions before average joes that were nurses, teachers, or other types of jobs? 

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    ever notice how much legislation and regulation ends up a) making it easier for people to sue one another or b) is so complicated that you need to hire a lawyer to interpret it for you?

    as an example, worker rights laws are one of the favorite "causes" of California "progressives"... thanks to these, an employee that threatens another employee with a knife at work in front of multiple witnesses can still demand a "wrongful termination" hearing (this actually happened at my company)... the claim, of course, was denied but not before lawyers from both sides got paid for their time and "work"... another case involving my company, our workmans comp insurance provider recommended we revamp our exit interview procedure to "cover our rear ends" so that a worker doesn't claim wrongful termination after leaving us voluntarily.... their HR attorney helped us create documents and a standardized procedure to limit liability... charging us for the "service"...

    ....months later, an employee that left voluntarily to for another job sued us for wrongful termination, claiming that we'd fired him after he was injured on the job... we presented our exit interview documents which included a signed statement where the employee affirmed that he was leaving in good health and by his own choice...

    ....our insurance provider reviewed his claim and advised us to offer him a $20,000 settlement... we were outraged of course, seeing as we used THEIR "ironclad" exit procedures..

    "oh, you're protected," our insurance rep said.  "but it'll still cost you about $30,000 in legal fees defending yourself before a we're actually SAVING you $10,000..." let's not even get started on the influence of the Big Insurance lobby....

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    1% are psychopaths, increasing the higher you get to the top of the pyramid. Easiest way to start is selling drugs, then selling women, selling kids, selling weapons, starting wars for weapons profits. The people who run the world are drug dealing, mass murdering, child sex ring running oil tycoons, or real estate tycoons. If I had to place a bet, I'd say Trump did some or all of those things, particularly now that he's in the presidential role. The CIA deals all the drugs in the world, or tries to, it's their thing. 

    Why you think they been in Afghanistan twenty years? Still trying to find the guy whose family they do business with? No, it's to make trillions in weapons profits, from you, while they protect the heroin, they sell the world. The Finders is the CIA program for children. They break them into multiple personalities with torture so that they can train them to kill at the sound of a key word. Then they forget they ever did it. Why would they bother doing that at all? They were just insane. They made 100 million doses of LSD and gave it to the world, to try to make them insane, and it worked. 

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    Most US politicians are Jwe kiss @$$

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    Pretty much. They're scratching each other's backs.  

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