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Should I open ebay dispute?

I bought an item from this seller and it passed a week already and they still haven’t shipped it. However I just got notified that they shipped the item and provided tracking one day before I could open a dispute. Should I still open a dispute, it just says the label was created not dropped off.

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    Not everyone lives close to a post office,  some people don't have a car.  If they have a tracking number then the item is in the hands of the post office. 

  • Tavy
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    4 months ago

    Dispute for what? It has been shipped, it will arrive, eBay don't want moans about delays. 

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    There is an expected delivery date on the item that you purchased that's the date that the seller promised to have the item there by when it comes to that date and your item is still not there you open up a dispute and demand your money back. There's plenty of scammers on eBay that will take your money and then list for the tracking number label has been created the idea is to stall you. Long enough for them to get away with your money. But they don't realize that eBay holds their money in escrow and if they don't actually deliver the package and have proof that the package was delivered eBay will refund your money so wait till the day that it says your item is supposed to arrive by and if it hasn't arrived as per the projected arrival date then open up a case and demand your money back. I just had a person sell me a printer I paid the seller they posted that a label has been created they never mailed my package so I waited a week and then I opened the case eBay demanded from the seller to see proof of delivery they couldn't produce it so eBay refunded my money

  • 4 months ago

    I would give it time since it said it shipped, but if you still don't get your package, then definitely file a dispute! Sometimes I buy from Ebay and it takes a while for them to ship my items. 

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  • 4 months ago

    No.  The seller will be able to show that the item was shipped.  You need to wait to see if you get it.

    Slow shipping is what leaving feedback is for. The dispute process is for items not received or not as described.

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