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Is there any reason to use Ableton over FL Studio for production ?

Everything Ableton can do FL Studio can do with a more intuitive UI and less learning curve (except live capabilities which are beyond the scope of this question since its only for production) . If someone who is getting into producing, is there any reason they would use Ableton over FL STUDIO especially when there are more tutorials and resources available for FL ?

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    My main experience is with Tracktion, but i have owned or tried just about every DAW at some time or other.

    My criticisms of FL are that, at heart, it's still basically a loop or rhythm creator.

    The recording system is pretty abysmal and there are just too many windows.

    Tracktion has one, except when doing specific tasks or while showing VST panels etc.

    And there is a totally free, totally unrestricted version.

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    Back in the DOS days my wife use to use a word processor.  It did not have a graphic interface or use a mouse.  Everything was text and performed things like making something bold or changing a font by pressing a multi-key combination like Crtl+Alt+9.  She had 6 pages of key combination hanging on the wall as a cheat sheet doing things.  If you changed the font, it did not change on the screen.   Where the text word wrapped on the screen and one a printout were different from each other. 

    Then we got the Windows version of MSWord.  She resisted it for months because it was too hurt to use, not intuitive and she could never figure out how to do anything.  Plus there were more books about the DOS word processor because it had been around so much longer.  It took a long time for her to finally accept Word.  And she still 30 years later laments of the lose of the DOS word processor.

    People like the programs they use because that is what they started with.  So it makes sense to them and seems like that is the way all word processors or video editors should be.  You change them to something else, and it is non intuitive and has a huge learning curve.

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