Which is the longest river in India?

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  • Phil
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    2 months ago

    This question is always a bit confusing. and has three different answers.

    Do you mean the longest river,

    a, with even one little bit within India ?

    b, not entirely in India,but the longest length within India ?

    c, or entirely within India ?


    and by India, I mean the Republic of India, part of whose land is disputed between The Republic of India and The Islamic Republic of Pakistan and The Republic of India and  The People's Republic of China- I am not talking about the " Indian Subcontinent " which includes about six countries ).

    a.The longest river with a part of it within India is the Brahmaputra River with has between 58% and 62.2% of its 2,446 miles length within India. 58% undisputed territory (1,430miles) and another 4.2% ( another 50 miles)in disputed territory ( Disputed with China).

    b. The longest river with the longest part in India is the Ganges, aka Ganga River of which 96% of its 1,690 miles is in India ( 1,622 miles in India ). The other 4% is in Bangladesh and Nepal.

    c, The longest river entirely within India is the Yamuna River at 851 miles.


    ps, Kiri in her answer below overlooked the Brahmaputra which was listed in her link and shown with a longer length than the Ganges ( also known as the Ganga).  The Indus River is longer than the Ganges' 1,690 miles with a total length of 2,250 miles, but it has a mere 3 percent of it's length with India, only 67 miles. Most of it within Pakistan now, which is kinda ironic as India was originally named after the Indus River, and comes from the word sindu which means river in ancient Hindu/ Sanskrit. I am not sure what the earlier Harappan Indus Valley Civilization called it.

    and the place famous as " the land of the rivers" is not India, it is Bangladesh.

  • 2 months ago

    India is famous as the land of rivers as there are numerous rivers flowing across the country. India is the land of rivers and these mighty water bodies play a huge role in the economic development of the country. The rivers in India have been divided into two namely Himalayan Rivers (rivers that originate from the Himalayas) and Peninsular Rivers ( rivers that originate in the Peninsula ). Himalayan Rivers are perennial while Peninsular Rivers are rain-fed. Here, in this article, we will talk about the top 10 longest rivers in India.

    Ganges: 2525 km

    Godavari River: 1464 km

    Yamuna River: 1376 km

    Narmada river: 1312 km

    Krishna River: 1300 km

    Indus River: 3180 km

    For the full list and more details check out our website https://theqna.org/longest-rivers-of-asia/

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