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Do recent events prove we need to strengthen affirmative action?

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    No, quite the contrary. In spite of Affirmative Action in colleges and in the job market, those that can take advantage of those programs have left their families behind in the dust. But it has come at the cost of the mainstream white majority of the nation, and their wallets and their paid taxes. A backlash is growing and has been for a long time. Favoritism towards our minority citizens has created a type of apartheid in our schools and job markets, and in small businesses as well. Equally qualified whites are being passed over for Black candidates at a rate that is higher than the percentage of our African American population. Granted, slavery in the 19th century took a terrible toll on Africans brought here against their will. But it was rich Black slave traders in Africa that put their African brothers on those boats. And since the 20th century, the USA has done more for African Americans than any other. Slavery continues in many countries, and that's a crime. But there is not a person alive in the USA today that was a slave in 1865, nor is there a person alive today that was a slave owner back then. Life turned a corner in this country with the Emancipation Proclamation. Maybe change isn't moving fast enough for some, but simply throwing money at a problem does not solve it. The remedial work starts from within each person, white or black. The past is cast in concrete. But what Blacks doing to help themselves?  Gifting a person with things they did not have to work for creates an entitlement for those people, and removes from them all motivation for them to better themselves. Some have made the transition and are wonderful people. But others have made the transition and become bigger racists than the majority population ever thought of being. Hollywood film star, Morgan Freeman said it best:"If you want to end racism in this country, stop talking about it." Move forward; shed the victim mentality; make your own mark in the world, and take off those glasses that color everyone different. No one will be judged by the sins of their ancestors, each will stand alone on judgment day. Live in freedom today, and you will preserve it for tomorrow's generation. 

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    I'm in the twilit zone; George Bush (43) removed the (affirmative action) action. Saying all people are equal and should be treated that way. Strengthen what?

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    Yes because some very special people in the United States need to know that the democratic party does not always serve their needs in the long run. 

    Clinton catered to the Hispanics and natural born citizens lost benefits in their efforts to gain more votes from Mexicans. 

    Clinton administration knew about this in advance and could of prevented the deaths black kids in Africa. 

    They knew about Rwandan genocide in advance.

    This might be Clinton’s worst foreign policy failure. Intelligence analysts knew in advance about the plans for the Hutu-led genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda, yet the White House did nothing to try to stop it. In 2013, Clinton told MSNBS that he could have sent some 10,000 U.S. troops to the Central African nation to support a U.N. peacekeeping force and perhaps saved 300,000 lives—about a third of those who perished.

    In retrospect, Clinton said, “You can’t stop everything bad that's happening.” He pointed to his success ending sectarian violence in Northern Ireland, the Bosnian war and the 1993 Oslo Accord between Israel and the Palestinians. The fact remains that the White House knew one of the worst genocides since World War II was coming, and did not try to halt it. 


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    Yes we do need to


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    What do events and Affirmative Action have to do with each other???  Anyone can go to an event....................

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    No.  Eliminate it so we don't stigmatize one under the other.  We are all human beings and we need to be treated equally under the Law.  Hey, no one likes to be pulled over by a police officer and given a ticket.  Who today can afford to get a ticket?  Our cities need to consider this.  Young people are driving around today without license because they can't afford their tickets.  If cities are giving frivolous tickets during this pandemic, shame on you.  Frivolous tickets are those like "barely stopping at a stop sign."  We have serious crimes on our streets.  Please put all police efforts on those crimes.  For instance, mayor's will you let protesters burn down a courthouse while you are out giving tickets to your citizens?  BLM has not improved anything, but created a worse racial divide.  Have you written your Congressman about how you feel about too many laws?  I thought when Americans voted a businessman into the White House instead of a lawyer maybe the Supreme Court would get the hint.  Seldom does anyone win when they hire a lawyer.  The lawyer always wins.  The courts are full of some of the most ridiculous cases and if you want to put a small business out of business, the best way is to sue them, because they don't even have the money to hire a lawyer to defend them.  Getting 12 jurors today is not an easy thing to do.  After being on 5 or 6 cases a juror gets a stomach full.  And switching us from civil to criminal and back again doesn't help.  What America needs is the Lord Jesus Christ back in our churches, schools and courtrooms.   

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    No, recent events do not prove we need to strengthen affirmative action.  Affirmative action is racist.  It is the very definition of racist.  Jobs and college admissions should always be based on merit alone.  Skin color should NEVER play a factor in hiring decisions or college admissions.  All people should always be treated equally regardless of ethnicity.  That is equality.  Special rules for certain skin colors is racist, and is the exact opposite of equality.  Two wrongs don’t make a right

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    HELL NO!!!!  affirmative racism should have never been started.  It should be ended yesterday.  

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    No. If we are for equality, then we need to get rid of affirmative action.

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