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How do you know you like someone for the right reasons?

Quick back story: I got out of long term relationship about 6 months ago. It was abusive and I stuck around because I thought I could help him but I ended up getting hurt and drained in the end. Well one of my very close friend has been helping me get through my break up. He was in a similar bad relationship as I was. He has been talking to me just about everyday. He has never tried anything on me or made a move. He hints compliments here and there and I've slowly have been falling for him. I just don't know if I'm falling for him for the right or wrong reasons. I do adore him and respect him. We both want the same things in life, but how do I know if I'm liking him for the reasons? 

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    You could feel close because he’s giving you the attention/affection you never had. If it’s to get over your ex, then it’s for the wrong reason. Genuine care about this person and adoration, right reasons 

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    You say this person is a "very close friend". Why would you want to risk that?

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