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Are Aspergers sufferers victims of societal insanity?

For reasons that lie mostly in the unconscious mind, society has sectioned off a random subset of the population and decided that they have a mental illness that they call “Aspergers”. They say that Aspergers is a higher functioning form of autism. People with Aspergers, who are not disabled in any real sense, physically or mentally, are barred from meaningful employment, ostracized from intimate relationships, being told that they have an invisible and incurable condition that causes their misfortune, the only “symptoms” being the resulting weirdness that is born out of a lifetime of forced social isolation


@choko_canyon: nothing but victim blaming and NTsplaining

Update 2:

Who are YOU to tell me that MY experience is incorrect?

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    In some cases perhaps, but not in most cases. 

    1. The 'subset of the population' is not random.

    2. Asperger's is no longer considered a 'mental illness' in most professional mental health circles. It is considered a part of the broader Autism Spectrum Disorder.

    3. Most people diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome are NOT barred from meaningful employment if they're qualified to perform the tasks necessary for that employment. There are always ignorant people who think that anyone different from the average 'has something wrong with them', but most employers do not treat Asperger's as a mental illness.

    4. Most people diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome are NOT ostracised from meaningful relationships. It's certainly more difficult to establish a relationship if you have difficulty socializing and recognizing social cues, but that's not the same thing as across the board ostracising. That's an exaggeration.

    5. The social 'weirdness' you're referring to doesn't come from social isolation, it comes from the syndrome itself. This is established. But can it LEAD to social isolation? Certainly it can, and that social isolation can then exacerbate the social difficulties and you have a feedback loop.

    You clearly have had a bad time of it and have suffered various types of injustice due to your diagnoses, but your experience is not the ONLY experience nor is it necessary typical. Characterizing your experience as the result of 'societal insanity' is not only incorrect, it's destructive. You have a burden to deal with. You can either deal with it the best you can, or you can blame 'society' for it, pretend that your problem is NOT your problem at all, and end up angry, embittered and blocked from most of life's possibilities. I sympathize with your situation, but not with your response to it. I urge you to keep trying. 

    Victim blaming? What am I blaming you for? I didn't blame you for anything because you haven't done anything to be blamed for. As for telling you your experience is incorrect, I didn't do that either. What was incorrect was that you categorized EVERYONE experiencing Asperger's as having the same experience that you've had, which is demonstrably not the case. I never suggested that you haven't experienced what you described, I merely suggest that your experience is not necessarily what everyone else undergoes.  

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