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Is it really worth investing so much in space exploration when in 2020, we still doesn't have a colony on either the moon or another planet?

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    The fact that we don't have a colony on the moon or another planet after all this time is a hint. We went to the moon half a century ago, and never went back. The main reason is that technology has progressed since 1971, and there is now no need to send humans up into space.

    Robotics technology can do anything that a human can do in space. Human spaceflight is so pointless now, that there is just no value in sending humans up into space anymore, except for entertainment value, and I doubt if "A Current Affair" is willing or able to cough up the trillion-dollar-plus bill in order to provide a colony on some other world just for the fun of it.

    See the ISS as a downpayment on some whimsical colony on the moon, or a manned flight to Mars. It has already cost $150 billion and the only science from it is the science of astronauts doing science on astronauts doing science. If that money had been spent on a fleet on robotic craft we could have revisited every planet in the solar system, been to many of the moons, done a close-up study of many different asteroids and comets including some of the interstellar asteroids, launched a replacement or two for Hubble, and answered many of the outstanding questions we have about the universe.

    Clearly, spending trillions of dollars on some bleak and cramped outpost on some desolate world up in outer space is only going to cripple science even further. That is a heavy price to pay just for a few segments on "The Midday Show" and some godawful overorchestrated documentaries.

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    To have a Colony on Planet or a Moon,  That place has to be able to support Human Life without any outside support.  We can make short visits to the Moon or Mars but that is all.

    All supplies have to come from Earth.   You can't have a Colony for any length of time if you have to import everything.

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    There will NEVER be a colony on the moon or anywhere else, because they are NOT HABITABLE !  Everything they need would have to be shipped from Earth - air, water, food, building materials, tools, equipment.  Now THAT would be a monumental waste of money ; in fact, there is no country on Earth that could afford it.  Stop believing science fiction crap.  It is FICTION and will remain so.

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    it is always worth it

    Some day we may have to leave Our Mother Earth

    It has always been Man's fates and Duty

    Americans say Doody ha ha to Explore

    Find Brave new Worlds, how thing are done and what things are made of

    To go where no man has gone before

    It is why Columbus crossed the Atlantic

    Hilary and Tensing climbed Everest and Men went to the Moon

    Watch this space. Mars within our lifetime

    If they get their fingers out

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    The reason why we don't have a colony on the Moon or on another planet is, partly, because of NOT investing enough.

    Although this is not true in all countries, there is also the problem that money devoted to space (in some countries -- USA, China, Russia...) is money taken away from the Defense budget.

    For example, the Apollo program was cut short, partly because the money was needed for the Vietnam war.

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    How are you going to make that happen without money ?

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