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Signs the universe is trying to bring you together with someone?

I met this guy in high school, we "dated" for a couple months but we were young and dumb and I was too into someone else and dumb. He was pissed at me for a few years, I understand why.. He used to talk about marrying me and all. Anyway, since we've grown we run into each other every year or so in the most random places but like it's meant to be. Important places too. My brothers festival thing, he was there staring me down and followed my insta right after. My interview for the hospital, he walked in and it was his Mom actually doing my interview and he told her he knew me and my name.... Then we became friends on Facebook. He messaged me a few years ago to come over but I just said why and he never replied, but he's still on my social channels. I've always had the biggest crush on him. Last night I had a dream about him and it was weird because I've never dreamed about him. Something bad was happening to him and I was doing everything in my power to save him. It was so weird. Now it's been on my mind all day long. Do these little signs mean the universe is trying to put us together somehow in someway? I don't know I know it sounds crazy and no hate comments please but I just find it weird how we keep popping up in each other's lives in the weirdest ways. I also found out recently I was getting cheated on again so... I just wanna be treated right. I don't know what do you think?

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    Hate to burst your bubble, but if you live in the same city, none of this sounds cosmic!  Also, life is full of these weird coincidences.  I had a boss/mentor/good friend about 15 years ago and he travelled a lot.  He'd call maybe twice a week when he was gone, but every single time he called, I knew it was him and answered "hi, Joe" (this was an office landline with no caller ID).  Also, we did have some kind of connection that we never pursued.

    My guess is this is a reaction to you being cheated on again.  You want a healthy good relationship, but there's no reason to assume some high school guy is it.  You're not the same people you were then.  If you keep ending up with guys who cheat, you want to figure out what clues you're missing.  If I were you, I'd invite a few close friends over, drink and eat, and try to problem solve this.  I guarantee you're missing something, and once you figure that out, you'll go find a good guy where the 2 of you really do love each other in a mature, "real" way.

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    The universe doesn't care about things like this. It doesn't care at all, because it's not an individual, it's just our word for everything that exists. You have an emotional connection to this guy, and you find reasons to believe that the connection is 'bigger' than just your feelings. There are no 'signs'. You're emotionally involved with this guy, and he's not really aware of it. You can either MAKE him aware of it and pursue a relationship, or most likely nothing will ever happen. That's just the plain honest truth.

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    2 months ago

    there is no cosmic agent who puts people together

    it is just a coincidence

    you being cheated on makes you a excuse but not a reason 

    you need to make a list of reasons you and he match and the reason you should not 

    dreams are self deception -  not real 

    Depending on the kind of person you are ... if you have a desire to have sex with him .. admit it and do it ..  This helps take the mystic out of it and lets you get to know him without the rush of hormones that blinds us all 

    but life drives us to stupid things ... I love my wife of 30 years and yet there is something missing ... I think of my ex from 35 years ago a lot.

    but that fuzzed lens our memory or sex drive sees thought will not let us realize it would be a terrible idea to do more than think about it 

    what ever problem your current relationship has,,, you need to break that off and not let this occur for a time with this dream guy 

    let the choices be based on solid plans not emotional moments 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Nothing to do with universe trying to hook you up 

    He needs hole 

    Your need di ck

    That’s all

    Fu ck and have fun no need to be in relationship 

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