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Does naruto has a girlfriend ?

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    Throughout the show, he pines for Sakura Haruno.  Which is baffling because she treats him like garbage the ENTIRE TIME.  Only after Naruto nearly single handedly defeats pain and becomes the town hero does Sakura start to acknowledge him, and then she promptly tries to manipulate him through his crush on her.  She's an awful, AWFUL person.

    But at the end of the show, and in the followup Boruto and other media, Naruto falls in love with and marries Hinata Hyuga.  She's the shy girl with the same super-eyes as Neji.  I'm glad for Naruto because he ended up with someone who liked him FOR HIMSELF, and liked him from the very beginning, rather than someone who liked him for his fame and strength he develops later on.  But I feel bad for Hinata because she gets to basically be his consolation prize.  Naruto clearly wasn't attracted to Hinata at all until late in the game.  Hinata deserves a guy who isn't just settling for her.

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