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Why is my dog being so destructive? And how to help it?

I got a lab / scent hound mix from the pound a few weeks ago... at first she was very submissive and quiet, now she tears up my house, my yard, my shoes, clothes, packages, wooden furniture, etc... I live an active lifestyle and hike daily, I swim most days, and I always bring my dogs with me, I take her and her sister on at least 2 good size walks a day, I've tried making loud noises when I catch her chewing through things, I've tried clapping, I've tried every training thing online and it's not working... I'm at my wits end and I'm going insane... In a few weeks when I have extra money I'm taking her to a professional trainer, but in a few weeks I won't have any furniture or whatever left...

Why is she so destructive now? What else can I try to do to stop her??

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    In addition to the training, why not purchase chewing deterrents like apple cider vinegar or bitter apple sprays. Use them all over the house especially on part they like to chew on, Believe me, it will work wonders

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    3 months ago

    Get a cage, it helped with my dog!

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    I rescued a dog from a fighting ring (she was a teaser), and she was VERY destructive.  Nothing seemed to work, and I literally was with her 24/7, working out of my home.  I talked to a trainer who said it sounded like anxiety.  I have NEVER crated a dog, but I bought a crate, took the door off, put her blanket inside.  She was curious, eventually went into the crate by herself.  That became her "safe" spot and her anxiety dropped. 

    I bought bitter lemon and put it on EVERYTHING I thought she might chew.  It worked to a certain extent. "A few weeks" is a very short period of time.  Isn't the saying 3 weeks until they are comfortable, 3 months before they are acclimated?

    Rescues can be hard work.  Thank you for taking the time and trouble, for caring enough to find out the answers, for working with her.  A lot of people would have returned her, and the cycle of her behavior would continue.

  • 3 months ago

    Amen to what Anon says, little to no mental stimulation - which is a REQUIREMENT for highly active (also often HIGHLY intelligent breeds)  

    Bad news for you: hiking may not be an adequate "aerobic" exercise for a lab/hound mix.  Many of these dogs are bred to run or swim for hours, on end.  That means a hike (aka a walk) is a JOKE.  Unless you've upped the exercise level; examples = dog is being "roaded" (wearing a pulling harness with chains or some type of weight dragging) while you walk, or the dog is being walked with a weighted backpack on it, or actually taken to RUN on it own in open fields, or jogged alongside a bike.  A TRULY tired dog is a better behaved dog because..... it has NO CHOICE.  

    Now, if you are LEAVING the dog (even in the company of another pet) and FINDING destruction, the adopted dog may have separation anxiety.  Not all dogs who end up in shelters are without ISSUES.  So, indoor crating or leaving in an outdoor kennel with a flagstone or paver type floor and a roof, with be needed to stop that and you need medications from the vet to help the dog adjust and stop having bouts of extreme anxiety (if not PANIC) when you leave.  Your other option is to RETURN the dog.

    I am sorry you cannot train the dog with just online help, but again you need to arrange for IMMEDIATE help or evaluation of the dog, not later.  Getting a dog REQUIRES you have money put ASIDE for all TYPES of emergencies.

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    Dogs know chewing releives anxiety, so it sounds like the "very submissive and quiet"dog you got is in fact very anxious, also sounds like you got another dog as well, same time? Or did you already have one..... So a dog which is very anxious( along with another dog) and it has too much excess energy which is not positively depleted by training, socialisation and exercise, where you 'look online' to get training ideas instead of establishing a strict routine and basic obedience and limiting its space so it can't chew everything is sight,

    Rescue dogs will behave for 2-3 weeks until they know what they can get away with and if you have not established your leadership with a strict routine and basic obedience then their true personality comes out and this ones with avengance.

    So step up and be a leader impliment NILIF and this is a lifestyle change, not a one off training, it will build her confidence and make her earn everything she gets, so she will learn you are the leader, provider of EVERYTHING, she gets NOTHING without earning it..... a scent hound, means you need to plan 'games/activities' around scent games, the Lab part...well they are mentally immature until they are about 2yrs old and need serious obedience training DAILY

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    What mental stimulation activities are you doing with her? That's as important to working breeds as a lot of exercise is. What's a good size walk considered in your opinion? I've had one dog that was satisfied with a 90 minute brisk walk twice daily and another dog who was done after 30-40 minutes at a normal pace. 

    Increase her mental stimulation in a variety of ways, have plenty of tough chew toys available, and crate her when you can't watch her.

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