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What Kind of Mental Disorder Could Cause this Type of Behavior Pattern? Low Self-Esteem?

I have this friend, whom most people think is a little nuts. Even if they think she is a kind person, they still feel she's insincere. This is mostly because of the following few reasons:

1. Every single person, even a casual acquaintance that she met at a dance class 5years ago, and has seen out once or twice since, is her "Super Close" friend. At the same time, friends who invite her over for a holiday party or actually do things with her are just friends and she never seems to notice anything on their social media, while the "super close" friend, who is really someone she has just met once or twice, gets all of her attention on social media.

2. People who are downright rude/mean to her are those that she tends to put the most effort into getting them to like her, or she come out in defense for the most.

3. She has gotten into several rocky situations with text-book classic Narcissists. She went out of the way for these people, who were clearly taking advantage of her, until they became down-right physically dangerous. 

 4. Every stranger that she talks to for the 1st time on the phone, has "the most beautiful name". If she had a daughter, that name would be her first choice. 5min after she's off the phone with that person, you casually ask her about that name, because your neighbor just had a baby girl with that name, and she'll say "it's one of those old names coming back. It's nothing special." 

What could cause her to act like this? Is it low self-esteem?

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