Why are plungers' handle rods so short?

Regular plungers consist of an elastic suction cup and a wooden handle rod that is attached to it.

The wooden handle rod is intended to be held and used by the plunger operator, to forcefully compress and decompress the suction cup and its contents, by pushing and pulling. Another commonality among many regular plungers is that the wooden rod is rather short, forcing your wrists and forearms to be rather close to the suction cup - and what's below it.

So I ask, why are the wooden rods as short as they usually are? Shouldn't they be longer to allow for the same action at greater distance to the whirling toilet water and whatever happens to be part of said whirling waters?

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  • 4 months ago
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    Those plungers designed for use in a toilet have a long handle.  Those designed to be used in a sink are usually a bit smaller in diameter and have a shorter handle.  If you are using one with a short handle to clear a toilet you are using the wrong tool. 

  • qrk
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    4 months ago

    Are you willing to spend more money for the longer handle?

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